Art Trends 2023

Art Trends 2023

As the digital world continues to grow, 3D printing technology and artificial intelligence will be increasingly used in the creation of art. But let's not forget about the handcrafted, authentic art that is up and coming in the art world. 

We have the perfect guide to introduce you to new and emerging artwork pieces as well as give you the ultimate home inspiration! Read further to explore an array of bold, colourful, unique, modern, textured, playful, contemporary, and luxurious explosions of artwork pieces.


1. Iridescent Art

Iridescent art, which utilises the phenomenon of interference known as thin-film optical interference, is an incredibly fascinating and unique form of media. This style of artwork allows for a dynamic shine that can be seen from different angles and perspectives, leading to a captivating piece and allowing for exciting variations in colouring, texture, and light. Iridescent art has been employed in advertising, banners, clothing designs, automotive wraps, and even as special effects in the film industry. 

With its vivid colour shifts across various surfaces and dynamic appearance, iridescent art is sure to capture the attention of any onlooker – it's no wonder that it is seen everywhere! If you are seeking artwork that is sleek, chic, and sophisticated, iridescent art is the perfect option. 


Iridescent Art


2. Splash Art

Splash art appears straightforward, but each piece is meticulously designed with precision and poise. Splash art can enhance your home with possibilities and themes, ensuring waves of "experimental design." This style of artwork is known for its personality and burst of colour. If you are after a dynamic piece bursting with artistic expression, this may be for you. 


Splash Art


3. Silhouette Art

Silhouette art is a beautiful and timeless form of artistic expression. It is essentially an image composed primarily of dark shapes and colours in contrast with white or light-coloured backgrounds. In silhouette art, the solid-outlined edges are often used to dramatic effect, creating shadows and highlights that instantly grab the viewer's attention and emphasise elements of the design.

 As a popular craft throughout centuries and across various cultures, silhouette art has been equally embraced for its vibrant detail and for its simplicity. It can be easily adapted to suit different styles without losing any of its charm, from modern minimalistic designs to more complex classic looks. 


Silhouette Art


4. Skateboard Art

Skateboard art has become a creative way for young people to express themselves. It is an evolved form of street art, mixing together elements of graffiti, painting, and printmaking. Skateboarders have developed this unique medium by repurposing old boards into works of art. 

Many of these boards are then used as a canvas to display intricate designs and slogans that are often inspired by music, social justice issues, or pop culture references. Although skateboard art may be seen by some people as a fad, it has been embraced by others as an important form of self-expression. Skateboarders create stunning masterpieces that bring together aspects of existing culture along with mysterious messages from the artist - allowing viewers to find something new in the piece each time they view it.


Skateboard Wall Art


5. Thread Art

Thread art is a textile art form that is taking the crafting world by storm. It is an easy and fun way to create art with yarn and embroidery hoops. Thread art involves wrapping decorative threads around a lightweight framework, producing artworks that can be hung up for display or used as decor items.

Nowadays, thread artworks are more sculptured and bursting with life. 


Thread Art


6. Abstract Art

Abstract art is popular because of its ability to allow viewers to create their own interpretations of reality. By breaking away from objective representation, abstract art bridges the gap between art and the mental landscape of its viewer. Through an emotive approach rather than a visual one, abstract art conveys messages beyond the limits of objective narration. Because it can adopt different looks depending on the viewer's vision, abstract art appeals to individual minds and encourages viewers to look inward for understanding. This ability to invite people into seeking their own meaningful interpretation makes abstract art a popular choice for many - including budding artists looking for creative expression.


Abstract Art