Home Living

Our homes are our sanctuaries, full of love and memories. We spend our lives making our homes perfect for us and decorating in a way that reflects our personality; a Splash Art piece could be the finishing touch to tie your whole home together.

I have created stunning artwork for hundreds of customers, each one bespoke and tailored to the person’s personality and taste, with amazing results. Whether it be a sleek, modern piece to match a beautiful glossy kitchen or an eruption of colour to fill the large empty space above the stairs, I’ve done it all and anything is possible.

All of my work is finished to an exceptionally high standard using the finest quality materials. My work is created with you and your home in mind so I keep you updated throughout the process, welcoming your input wherever possible, so it is completely tailored to you. I encourage you to look at my gallery to get some inspiration from artwork I have produced for others and please get in touch for a free consultation to talk about a piece destined for that spot on the wall in your home.