My name is Ben Ashford, I am an artist from Cheshire and created ‘Splash Art’ in 2016.

It all started with the desire to produce a bright and colourful piece of art for my own home; I decided to splash paint in various directions onto Perspex but had no idea how effective and modern it would look. Since then I have explored creative avenues, with effective results, by combining different mediums in my pieces such as vinyl and thread.

I come from an artistic background, studying art at school helped me realise that art and creativity are passions of mine; this led to me spending 8 years working in the graphic design industry. I gained valuable experience and the confidence to branch out into this new business venture.

I produce unique, bespoke pieces; tailored to your decor themes and including your own personal touches. I can create something special for you or your business with an exciting artistic flare.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries, I look forward to hearing from you.

Brightening up spaces around the world piece by piece.

"Having seen previously some of Ben’s impressive work, we commissioned him to do some bespoke pieces for our head office.
Ben took careful note of the brief and produced several pieces, all different but following the theme we had requested. We were extremely pleased with the results and his work continues to be prominently displayed throughout the office, attracting regular favourable comments"

FDR LawTim Jordan (Partner)

"Ben was a pleasure to work with from start to finish, his art takes pride of place in the studio and I would extremely recommend his work to anyone."

Lime Print Solutions

"Ben created the perfect piece for my living room. It matches perfectly with the colour scheme and he was very professional throughout. The piece was brought to my house and fitted by Ben. The quality of his work and the material he uses is second to none"

Fraser J

"I ordered 4 pieces off Ben with a Marvel comic book theme for my house... I was blown away with the quality and look of the art and highly recommend him to anyone"

Matt Quirk

I came across Ben’s work on social media and felt the type of artistry would suit our business requirements.
We create exciting flavours of gelato and cones for the ice cream industry. Ben had researched us well before the meeting and already brought with him some initial ideas.
With these combined with our own Ben generated some initial drawings using his unique spin which we expanded on and was refreshing to see that Ben was already pre-empting our thoughts and developed the concepts further.
The finished works were spectacular, explosions of colour incorporating the vital essence as a business what we achieve for our customers.
The three pieces are hung in our training academy and reception areas where visitors have often commented how amazing they portray what we do and unique in design and style.

Like to thank Ben again for bringing our thoughts and ideas into exciting pieces of art.
Goes without saying I would recommend Ben for any corporate or personal works of art.

David AntonelliProduction Director